BKMH is a comedy Hindi Feature Film presented by RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd ( A Division of RTM GROUP) BHAI KA MAAL HAI is written and Directed By Young Dynamic Director Anil Goyal and Music is panned by Parivesh Singh known for his Excellent work in the Bollywood since last 5 Years. Lyrics are written by famous lyricist of Bollywood Perm Sagar and Screenplay is done by Karan Nishchal. "

Unique Story: A Simple Funny Character Paplu (Anil Goyal) marriage his Dream Girl Champakali (Anchal) on certain Terms and Conditions laid by his mother. He takes loan from Jamindaar Shakti Singh (Milind Gunaji) to complete these conditions, He marriage in Full Dhoom Dhadaka, A twist come in the story when Paplu forget to repay the loan of Jamindar.So Jamindaar Shakti Singh Brings his wife Chapa kali as a security till he return his money.Paplu goes for Help to many childhood friends but fails to get his wife back as where he goes they fell in love of Champakali (Anchal) after seeing their Beauty and Glamour. He moves to God for Help but fails at last his friend Jhandu (Sunil Pal) take him to Mumbai for start of new life, where they meet Billo (Sofia Hayat) in a Dance bar and they all make a plan of New Fake Marriage to bring back his wife. The Story of BKMH is how a Bhai make a kamaal to bring back his wife at home with the help of Panna, Jaam Dev and Jhandu....
Real Location: Director has Choose the Movie location at Delhi, Bahadurgarh (Haryana), Mumbai and Dublin and U.S.A... to give the wide Canvas and captured the Beauty of World Class city as well as the beauty of villages of India.
Strong Technical Team is heading by Director Anil Goyal with DOP Mr. Manoj Sati and a very experienced Associate Director Gopal Rughani is handling this Project.
PR Activity: Keeping in Mind that Promotion have become the key of Success of any Film so we have hired the Best P.RO of Industry Mr. Shailesh Giri (Effective Communication, Delhi) for Northern India, Neelam Gupta (NR-2 Imaze Creation,Mumbai) for rest of India and Overseas, B.K.Verma for Trade Industry and Kamal Khanna for Online Promotion.
Lab: As you know very well we don’t compromise in Quality so we have chosen EFX PRASAD LAB, Chennai for Post Production Including Digital Dolby 7.1 Sound., Mixing, Editing, D.I. and Final Print.