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   Digital Language Lab

TWe would like to introduce to you the RTM Language Lab Software. This is a state-of-the-art learning tool, pioneered by RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd. RTM Language Lab System enables students to master the English Language flawlessly and efficiently. RTM Digital Language Lab Software System is a boon for students as it imparts effective learning skills for English, accurately sans error.

The RTM Language Lab System– 100% Digitised –Constant Two way Communication.
This wholly digital language lab is designed to enable a two-way communication between Teacher and student. Each student is addressed individually. The student works independent of other students. RTM language lab offers a platform from which the Language Teacher offers precise guidance to students in classrooms. This is made possible through a network of students’ computers linked to the console with the instructor who moderates the students during the teaching and learning sessions.

The RTM Language Lab - Fully Computerised, New Generation & Futuristic
Traditional language teaching and learning methods having proven to be inadequate  or time consuming, the concept of introducing exclusive Language Learning Centres at educational institution across the country have come into vogue lately. These offer focused and intensive language-centric internationally approved course modules to students under the expert guidance of a qualified linguist. For example, the British Council of India, Alliance Française India and The Goethe-Institute also known as Max Mueller Bhavan in India all offer excellent language mastering modules that are precise, clear-cut and very effective.


A language Lab is a facility where a student or any aspirant can learn a language with the help and guidance of a teacher through a system, to improve his/her speaking and listening capacity. One can get familiar with any language of one’s choice, be it English, French, German etc. Further one can go deeper to familiarize oneself with dialects and accents in the selected Language. The Language Lab can receive inputs from recorded tapes, CDs, etc. A proficient teacher in the specific language is the only external requirement to monitor the students during the learning process. The use of a language lab will allow your students to learn another language, improve their reading and speaking skills, and develop their own native language comprehension at an accelerated rate. Through repeated practice sessions, one adapts the correct pronunciation and accent. The teacher can assign session-wise lessons for each batch at the commencement of the course. Students will automatically receive pre-recorded lessons from the master source through the teacher while logging in and can use these lessons for practice.

Listening skills are primary to becoming fluent. Language lab helps to develop listening skills, allowing the students to focus on the spoken word, therefore, enhancing their ability to repeat and understand the spoken language. Students can be subdivided into small groups to either listen and respond to the instructor's program material or interact with each other in conversational exercises. There are many types of exercises and activities that can be developed by instructors for both mainstream and special needs. The modernization of language labs over the last decade has ensured both increased reliability and functionality to a higher level.

In the 2nd stage, microprocessor supported devices were included in the system, together with tape recorders and amplifiers. Elimination of certain defects in the earlier system was possible, through not all.

In the 3rd stage of development of the Language Lab, computers marked their first appearance in a very meager way.

RTM Language Lab is the only futuristic system, which has risen to the 4th Stage of development. It eliminates the use of tape recorders and is the only fully computerised lab incorporating a unique software package developed by RTM. The lessons and the interactive communications are processed in digital format to produce high clarity, while noise is eliminated during transmission. This makes teaching and learning very effective. 

The RTM Language Lab is a technological breakthrough by RTM for imparting skills in language learning. Here an expert teaches the specified language. through the PC by monitoring the learning process. The state-of-art facilities and features enable unique, effective, efficient and satisfying means of spoken language enhancement.


RTM Language Lab Incorporates FIVE BASIC OBJECTIVES


Imbibing language skills seamlessly by listening to the standard pronunciation.

Repeating the lesson and have them moderated and evaluated by the linguistic expert instantly.


By offering a direct comparison of the learner’s voice with that of the linguist, all intricate aspects of the language can be picked up with ease.

 4. Evaluate: 

Nothing is a better method of evaluation than listening to one’s own pronunciation. The student can do a periodical evaluation to measure the progress as well as evaluate his/her language with that of the expert.              

5. Monitor & Guide:

The linguist can monitor each student independently without disturbing other students and guide them online instantly.         



  • A teacher console with control functions to monitor all student functions.

  • Options for listening to the passage or the student voice separately and to interrupt at desired intervals to impart suggestions.

  • Facility of pre- setting the lessons, batches and sessions for the academic year.

  • Students can automatically receive lessons from master source while logging in and can use these lessons for personal practice.

  • Individual attention for each student, without disturbing the rest.

  • Facility of automatic storage of passage and comparison with the repeated version of the same passage.

  • Intensity of original passage and the recorded passage can be controlled separately during repeat.

  • Volume control operation during repeat.

  • Provision for converting already existing passages recorded in tapes into digital format.

  • While a confident student is free to move ahead of schedule, in consultation with the teacher, a weaker student may stay with a lesson till he or she feels sure.

  • Proficiency in pronunciation, accent and language flow can be attained in the most effective way. 

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