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Educational Resource Development

RTM educational resource development team works with internal and external clients to design and develop pedagogically sound, high quality educational resources in print and digital media. RTM educational resource development is informed and enriched by ongoing research, evaluation, consultation and training.

What we develop
This section provides examples of the CD-ROMs, web-based and printed resources we develop.

How we work with you
This section outlines our educational resource services, team and development processes.


Software Services

RTM combines expertise in ICT with experience in education to produce software applications that improve the quality and availability of information in schools. The design of all our products is led by professionals from the field of education, ensuring that the needs and concerns of teachers and staff using our systems are met.

If you have a requirement for a software application that is not available as an ‘off-the-shelf’ package contact us to see how we can help. We are experienced in all areas of application development, from initial consultation through to the design, development and installation of your finished product, and will work very closely with you throughout the entire development process to ensure that the delivered product meets your exact requirements.

Contact us now for more information and a no obligation consultation.

Internet Services

RTM provide a full range of services to enable your school to take advantage of the benefits that a presence on the Internet provides. Put your prospectus online, offer curriculum information, examination results and school news via a website or put homework and achievements on a local intranet for staff and pupils.

A well designed Internet site can help reduce the day-to-day administrative tasks by allowing staff and parents’ access to information such as timetables, homework details, trip itineraries and school and staff contact details. Areas of the site can also be password protected if any information is sensitive.

Other examples of what could be published include sports results and photos, school history and important notices.

We offer a simple but comprehensive service offering anything from the simplest web site to an extensive interactive site including hosting and e-mail facilities.

For more information on what we can do to help you make the most of today’s technology contact us


Training Services

The design of RTM has been by led the desire to create an intuitive system that requires no formal training to start recording incidents. However, should you decide that you would benefit from detailed help and advice on gaining the maximum benefits from your RTM installation we are able to provide on-site behavior management training sessions that are specific to the needs of staff at your school. Training sessions can include installation of AMS if required.


Consultancy Services

RTM offers consultancy and advisory services to schools. We are committed to ensuring that RTM is put to effective use in schools and has a positive impact on behavior management at all levels.

A specialist consultancy team is available to work alongside all Schools, Pupil Referral Units, Secure Units and Residential Homes, not just those using RTM, to develop solutions in the areas of behavior management, disaffection and social inclusion. We are also able to offer support which incorporates wider school improvement issues.

Our consultants have a broad range of experience across all educational environments and we offer help in the following areas:

  • Behavior Management- including positive behavior management, behavioral and cognitive approaches to behavior management.
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Classroom Management strategies
  • Setting Up Learning Support Centres.
  • Self Esteem Programmes.
  • Social Skills Programmes.
  • Emotional Literacy.
  • Learning Styles
  • Behavior Support Plans- development and evaluation

Multimedia Services...

In this 21st century technology is progressing a lot so in this technological world. RTM introduce ourselves as a fast growing organization in the field of software development. And offer a software for the school students particularly for the Mathematics, Social Studies and Science subjects. Since these subjects required a lot of concentration and good practice so these are assumed to be the toughest subjects. To make it interesting we have developed a unique software called "EDUCON" which has simplified even the critical topics of these subjects so that a teacher feels a good helping hand {Teaching aid} for the concept clearance in the students mind

  • EDUCON in brief:-EDUCON is an intranet ready solution to help students and teachers in their academic pursuit.
  • EDUCON is a fully voiced, full multimedia product, with thousands of pictures, animations, videos and other features.
  • EDUCON is India specific, based on Indian CBSE curriculum.
  • EDUCON has a Teachers-Aid module to help a teacher to teach better.
  • EDUCON will be upgraded monthly based on user requirements.
  • EDUCON is very economical and finally.

EDUCON is a monopoly and is likely to remain one for many years. In fact most other company use our contents as the center of their product offering. Essentially EDUCON is a fully configured computer deliverable multimedia software package. It is programmed to be deliverable over a number of computers connected in a local area network. The entire package is 100% based on the prescribed syllabus on the Indian school board, and in this situations, it is a unique product. Each module of the product uses full colour with thousands of graphics, hundreds of videos and animations, Indian Professional voices that are easy to understand for Indian children’s, and easy to use interface,

Easy to learn and understand

Students have different levels of learning and retention abilities. The programme therefore encourages learning at once own pace. A huge number of self -assessment exercises allow the student to assess himself without an exam phobia. Thousands of pictures, videos, animations and graphics, all in full colour are used to make learning easier and pleasurable.

Subject available

The Teaching -aid module offers many fully colored animated and fully voiced sequences that a teacher can use to explain to students concepts that are difficult to explain in on blackboards. RTM will provide 1000 such modules. The coverage is comprehensive and exhaustive. The users of this product will be allowed to access a number of value added programs aimed at improvement of General Knowledge, English, Hindi and vocabulary etc.

Services provided by RTM

RTM shall make available through their representative agents for a fully detailed demonstration of the product being offered.

RTM shall, immediately upon signing of an agreement with the State Government, and being advised of the implementation schedule desired by the Government, arrange to implement the program in the school within a maximum of 30 days of advice.

RTM shall ensure that details of all its products and facilitator is available on its website

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