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RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd. a professional agency with a proven track record, adequate infrastructure and resources. We are capable to install and maintain a broad spectrum of computer machines, Multimedia Educational Software’s, Software Development, Network and System. Further, we have the infrastructure and professional expertise to impart technical training wherever required for the operations and maintenance system.

RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd has a comprehensive and diverse of products including desktops, laptops, servers, lifestyle products like dig cams, plasma TV, scanner, MP3 players, 5 in 1 flash drive, Mobile jammers , security equipments, walkie-talkie, video conferencing systems the PC camera and various accessories like pen drive, mouse, etc.

RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd works very closely with its channel partners in India. In fact, currently RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd has many more channel partners across the country and a pan-India presence. RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd has a business structure through which it is targeting the entire spectrum of the PC users in India through its various business verticals encompassing Retail, Channel, Corporate (Govt./SMB/Corp) and the forthcoming Enterprise. RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd is focusing on the segments through dedicated teams supported by the required infrastructure.

What stands the company in good stead in the Indian market is its commitment in terms of after sales support and warranty directly from the company unlike most of the competition brands who are dependent on the dealer for any service and warranty. As part of this commitment, RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd has deployed certified engineers nationally who will be available for customer service on our 24 hour SMS Support Service 09350839078.

RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd has its corporate office based in New Delhi. It supplies a broad range of information technology products that includes computers, servers, laptops and peripherals through 25 distribution hubs covering all major states in India. RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd will provide sales, marketing and a quality service management centre to ensure that the brand is never compromised.

Established in 2004 RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd is a privately owned company based in New Delhi, India. We specialize in supplying computers, engineering and consultancy services to a broad range of customers. We support customers from both small and medium sized companies to the single home and business user and the company has its business contract with a well Known company in India .Whilst we pay particular attention to designing and installing PCs, networks and equipment our main focus has always been the customer. Our aim is to satisfy their supply and support needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We understand that your systems and data are imperative to your business. We aim to ensure that your systems are run effectively, the data is safe and our best attention can be guaranteed, at all times.

"Our commitment to Customer Service is second to none"

It pools in the expertise of the company on a global scale, adding depth to India’s current information and Communication Technology (ICT) offerings. It has also strengthened the India's existing portfolio of products and reinforces its reputation for cutting edge technology, skilled ICT personnel and innovation.

It’s the competency and dynamic attribute of RTM Technologies Pvt Ltd that has won the confidence of many major IT Suppliers, representing key products and component ranges. These include internationally renowned brands such as Microsoft , the global leader in software, services and peripherals; MSI and Intel, the worlds leading Motherboard manufacturer; technology giants Samsung, global leader in PC entertainment products, creative labs; worlds leader in PC microprocessors; Intel, the fastest growing CPU vendor; AMD , total network solutions provider; SMC, leading hard disk and storage solutions provider; Maxtor, world leader in internet security; Symantec, and high quality printing giants like Wipro , Epson and Lexmark.

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